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The Railroad Dice players are investors who, by the acquisition of shares, try to become Diretcors of railway companies. The winner is the player who has carried the most passengers during the game. The Railroad Dice are used to lay track, buy shares and build stations.

Each railroad die has these symbols on it: Railroad die - question mark / joker / wildRailroad die - straight trackRailroad die - straight trackRailroad die - curved trackRailroad die - curved trackRailroad die - buy a share While the dice are behind your screen, they are just a collection of dice - which way up they are does not matter. When you move them in front of the screen they are rolled and become fixed. Dice that come up with the question mark can be rerolled in future rounds, and you get an extra die from the bank for each of these you reroll. They might not stick around long enough, though, because you can use the question mark dice to lay track, pay for building in mountains and over lakes, or buy shares.

You can join a standard game, or an extended game, which enlarges the bank from 40 to 60 dice and reduces the chance that the game will end due to the bank running out of dice.

You may not have this game, as the only sales were some 300 copies sold at the 2003 Essen Game Fair. No problem - Jens Kappe has kindly given permission for the game to be played here, and he has published the rules on his web site (in Adobe PDF format).

I have created a reference page for the game. This does not include the full rules, but covers the main points on the various actions that can be performed.

Railroad Dice was designed by Jens Kappe and is published by Wassertal Spieleverlag.

Railroad Dice is © 2003 Jens Kappe and Wassertal Spieleverlag.

You will need to know the rules of the game in order to play. You can download the rules from the Wassertal Spieleverlag web site.

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Playing via the Web

As with all games, rules are required. Please read the rules of engagement that cover For Whom The Web Rocks games. The following additional rules apply to these Railroad Dice games.

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