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Puerto Rico is © 2001 Andreas Seyfarth and © 2002 Ravensburger / Rio Grande Games.
These rules appear courtesy of Jay Tummelson and Rio Grande Games.

The text in sidebars both summarises the rules and offers information about specific circumstances which may occur. We recommend you read through the main rules before reading the information in the sidebars.

These rules are mostly as published by Rio Grande Games, the only difference being the addition of web game rulings. As these rules are provided for reference, each section is on a separate page. Where relevant, additional information is provided at the bottom of the page on how the rules relate to the web games. You can read through the rules in sequence by starting with the Goal and using the links at the top and bottom of each page. Some roles and buildings have default actions to cover situations where their use has not been ordered. You can find this summarised on the default actions for web games page.

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Playing the Game
The Roles
The Settler
The Mayor
The Builder
The Craftsman
The Trader
The Captain
The Prospectors
A New Round
Game End
The Buildings
The Production Buildings
The Violet Buildings
Small Market
Construction Hut
Small Warehouse
Large Market
Large Warehouse
The Large Buildings
Guild Hall
Customs House
City Hall

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Any known errata relating to these rules has been included on these pages. For reference, the following errata has been identified:

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