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The Production Buildings (blue, white, light and dark brown)

The production buildings are required, together with the plantations, for the production of certain goods.

  • In the indigo processing plants, the indigo plants and processed to produce indigo dye (blue barrels).
  • In the sugar mills, the sugar canes and processed into sugar (white barrels).
  • In the tobacco storage, the tobacco leaves are shredded into tobacco (light brown barrels).
  • In the coffee roasters, the coffee beans are roasted into coffee (dark brown barrels).

Note: There is no production facility needed for the corn. Corn (yellow barrels) come directly from the plantation without any need for processing. That means that, in the craftsman phase, occupied corn plantations produce corn (yellow barrels) directly.

The number of circles on the production buildings indicates the maximum number of goods the building can produce when the circles have colonists on them. Of course, the player must also have sufficient occupied plantations of the appropriate kind to produce the raw materials needed to produce the goods in the production buildings.

Example (in the style of a web game)

Player name Craftsman {production} San Juan: 0 Doubloons: 4 VPs: 18
Turn divider
Small sugar mill - occupied Sugar mill - fully occupied Tobacco storage - one occupied Small market - idle
Hacienda - occupied Harbour - occupied Wharf - idle City hall - idle
No building No building No building
Corn field - occupiedCorn field - occupiedCorn field - idleSugar field - occupiedSugar field - occupiedSugar field - occupiedSugar field - idleTobacco field - occupiedTobacco field - occupiedEmpty fieldEmpty fieldEmpty field No goods

The player produces the following goods:

  • 2 corn barrels CornCorn (as the 3rd corn plantation is not occupied)
  • 3 sugar barrels SugarSugarSugar (as the 4th sugar plantation is not occupied)
  • 1 tobacco barrel Tobacco (as the 2nd circle in the tobacco storage has no colonist)


  • The raw materials used in production do not exist in this game. In the example above, the players only get the end products of their production. The unused colonists (such as the colonist on the second tobacco plantation and the fourth colonist in the sugar mills) produce nothing!
  • As described under the craftsman, when a player produces a good and the supply for that good is empty, the player gets nothing.
Small indigo plant   1 VP
Indigo plant   2 VPs
Small sugar mill   1 VP
Sugar mill   2 VPs
Tobacco storage   3 VPs
Coffee roaster   3 VPs

For corn, there is no production building!

The circles on the production buildings indicate the maximum number of goods the building can produce.

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Web Games

When a plantation or building is occupied, the circles change from white Small Indigo Plant - idle to green Small Indigo Plant - occupied.
Produced goods appear at the bottom-right of each player's area.

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