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The Mayor (mayor phase - arrival of new colonists)

The tiles (plantation, quarry or building) have 1 to 3 circles. A player may place one colonist on each circle on the tiles on his player board. If there is at least one colonist on a tile, it is considered occupied. Only occupied tiles may use their functions; unoccupied tiles never function!

The player who chooses this role may first take one colonist from the colonist supply (not from the colonist ship!) as his privilege. Next, the players take the colonists from the colonist ship one at a time, starting with the mayor. The players continue to take one colonist at a time, in clockwise order, until none remain on the colonist ship.

A player may place his new colonist(s), together with all the colonists he acquired from earlier rounds, on any empty circles on the tiles on his player board. Thus, a player may move a colonist placed on a circle or San Juan in an earlier round. If a player cannot place all his colonists, he may "store" them on the small city of San Juan on his player board. The colonists remain there until a later mayor phase when they may be placed on empty circles on the player's tiles.

As his last duty, the mayor puts new colonists on the colonist ship to be used in the next mayor phase. For each empty circles on the buildings on the player boards of all players (empty circles on plantations and quarries do not count!), the mayor takes one colonist from the colonist supply and places it on the colonist ship. However, as a minimum, the mayor should always place at least as many colonists on the ship as there are players in the game.


  • Usually, all players place / move their colonists at the same time. If, however, the players feel that their placement decisions may depend on other's placements, the players should place their colonists in the following order: first, the mayor and, then, the others in clockwise order from the mayor.
  • If a mayor forgets (players may remind him) to place new colonists on the colonist ship, players later place the minimum (number of players) on the colonist ship.
  • When the colonist supply runs out, the mayor may not use his privilege and, of course, he does not refill the colonist ship.
  • No player may choose to place colonists in San Juan if he has empty circles available on his player board. All empty circles must be filled, if possible.
  • Colonists may not be placed on the circles other than in the mayor phase.
The Mayor

Each player takes and places colonists.
The mayor may take one additional colonist.

Example for 4 players with 6 colonists on the ship:

1st > mayor
2nd > 2nd player
3rd > 3rd player
4th > 4th player
5th > mayor
6th > 2nd player

The mayor takes 3 colonists (including one for the privilege), the second player 2, and players 3 and 4 take 1 each.

Each player may place all his colonists on new empty circles.

At the end of the phase, the mayor places new colonists on the colonist ship.

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Web Games

The Mayor role appears as The Mayor. When chosen, the role is moved to the player's area.
If the role has earned extra doubloons, this is shown as follows: The Mayor with 1 doubloonThe Mayor with 2 doubloons.
The Colonists section shows the number of colonists in the supply and on the ship.
When a quarry, plantation or building is occupied, the circles change from white Quarry - idle to green Quarry - manned.
The extra colonist for the Mayor will be taken unless the player says they do not want it.
When the Mayor is chosen, all colonists will be moved from the ship to the players' San Juan areas. This is then dealt with as once-round-the-table rather than one colonist at a time.
The colonist ship will be restocked automatically.
When submitting orders for colonist assignment, please list all colonist being removed, and then list all new assignments. Do not simply list what is being manned and leave me to work out what has to move to achieve this.

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