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The Builder (builder phase - build buildings)

The player who chooses this role, can immediately build one building for one doubloon less than the normal cost as his privilege. He pays the money to the bank, takes the building from the supply, and places it on any empty space in the city on his player board. When placing a large building, the player needs two adjacent empty spaces. Then, the other players, in clockwise order from the builder, may, in the same way, each builds one building (at normal cost).

Note: No player may build more than one building per round.

Further information on the individual buildings is at the end of the rules.


Each occupied quarry that a player owns may reduce the player's cost for building a building by 1 doubloon. The limit for such reductions is shown on the game board: players building buildings in the first column can reduce their cost by at most 1 doubloon (1 occupied quarry), in the second column by at most 2 doubloons (2 occupied quarries), in the third column by at most 3 doubloons (3 occupied quarries), and in the fourth column by at most 4 doubloons (4 occupied quarries). The builder's privilege reduction is in addition to the quarry reduction, but the cost of a building may not be reduced below 0 doubloons. A player with 3 occupied quarries pays the following costs: construction hut: 1 doubloon; office: 3 doubloons; harbour: 5 doubloons; city hall: 7 doubloons.


  • Remember the special function of the university.
  • If the builder does not build a building, he does not take 1 doubloon for his privilege!
  • It is not possible to build on more than 12 city spaces. A player who has no empty city spaces may not build more buildings.
The Builder

Each player may build a building.
The builder pays one less doubloon.

The building cost can be reduced with occupied quarries.

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Web Games

The Builder role appears as The Builder. When chosen, the role is moved to the player's area.
If the role has earned extra doubloons, this is shown as follows: The Builder with 1 doubloonThe Builder with 2 doubloons.
The four Buildings sections show the types of buildings Small Indigo Plant available.
The text that pops up when the mouse is over an item gives information on the cost, special features and quantities available.
The maximum reduction you can earn from quarries is the same as the victory point value of the each building.
When bought, the buildings appear in the player's area.
The query markers No building represent empty spaces in a player's city, although the full number of empty spaces will not normally be shown. If a player can no longer add buildings, no empty spaces will be shown.
The large buildings that occupy two spaces in the city are identified by two squares at the right-hand end of their box City Hall.
Once all of a particular building have been bought, the Buildings section shows it with a red cross Small Indigo Plant - all sold.

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