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In Samurai, players aim to capture figures of three types that are spread across the Japanese islands.  Each player has twenty tokens that are positioned to permit the captures to take place.  The player who deploys their tokens with the most skill to capture more figures than their opponents wins the game.  The total number of figures captured is not the most important thing, it is whether more of each figure is captured by you than by the other players.

Samurai was designed by Reiner Knizia and is published by Hans im Glück (German edition) and Rio Grande Games (English edition).

Samurai is © 1998 Hans im Glück / Rio Grande Games.

You will need to know the rules of the game in order to play.

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Playing via the Web

As with all games, rules are required. Please read the rules of engagement that cover For Whom The Web Rocks games. The following additional rules apply to these Samurai games.

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Key to Symbols and Token Types for Samurai Games

Player colours Blue player Brown player Green player Magenta player Purple player Red player Orange player The City of Edo Edo with Buddha, High Helmet and Rice Field
Buddha tokens Buddha 2 Buddha 3 Buddha 4 The cities of
Akita, Kyoto
and Sapporo
City with Buddha and High Helmet
High Helmet tokens High Helmet 2 High Helmet 3 High Helmet 4 City with High helmet and Rice Field
Rice Field tokens Rice Field 2 Rice Field 3 Rice Field 4 City with Buddha and Rice Field
Samurai tokens Samurai 1 Samurai 1 Samurai 2 Samurai 2 Samurai 3 Villages Village with Buddha
Token exchange token Token exchange Village with High Helmet
Ship tokens Ship 1 Ship 1 Ship 2 Village with Rice Field
Ronin token Ronin 1 Empty land space Empty land space (14-N)
Figure exchange token Figure exchange Empty sea space Empty sea space (12-L)

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