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A game of Ra spans three epochs, which reflect the history of ancient Egypt. During these epochs, the players acquire tiles representing various aspects of Egyptian life. They acquire the tiles in auctions, bidding with suns, tokens they receive from Ra. The selection of tiles in the auctions is ever changing, but tokens from Ra are limited.  Wise players choose carefully when and what to bid to get the tiles they want. When an epoch ends, players receive points for the fame they have earned.  The player with the most fame after three epochs is the winner.

Ra was designed by Reiner Knizia and is published by alea (German edition) and Rio Grande Games (English edition).

Ra is © 1999 Ravensburger Spieleverlag / Rio Grande Games.

You will need to know the rules of the game in order to play. If you need a reference, click here to view the rules.

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Playing via the Web

As with all games, rules are required. Please read the rules of engagement that cover For Whom The Web Rocks games. The following additional rules apply to these Ra games.  Be warned - most of the web games last two to three months, but Ra games take up to a year...

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