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18xx games simulate the development of railway companies from their formation onwards. Players buy shares in the companies and the largest shareholder operates each company. While great fun can be had in getting the best performance from your company, you should never lose sight of the fact that the aim of the game is to own the highest value in shares and cash at the end of the game. Games usually end when the bank runs out of cash, but some may end earlier if a player goes bankrupt. The exact conditions for the end of the game depend on the 18xx variant being played.

The following 18xx games are on offer: Blank diamond 1800 Blank diamond 1825 Blank diamond 1830 Blank diamond 1850 Blank diamond 1856 Blank diamond 1860 Blank diamond 1870 Blank diamond

You will need to know the rules of these games in order to play. If you need a reference, click the above links. You may find the 18xx Rules Difference List useful as a further reference.

Because the 18xx games take more time to adjudicate, the number of active games is likely to be limited. Players can make things easier by providing complete orders rather than outline orders.

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Playing via the Web

As with all games, rules are required. Please read the rules of engagement that cover For Whom The Web Rocks games. The following additional rules apply to these 18xx games.

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