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Snakes and Ladders is the classic game, but when  played by post you can't be sure what the layout of the board is, or where the snakes and ladders really are. You are told that the board follows some logic, and that the placement of snakes and ladders and how far they move also follows a pattern. Players decide how far to move from a set of six numbers (1-2-3-4-5-6), which must be used over each set of six turns. Players can also nominate squares as trapdoors. If a square receives enough trapdoor votes then anyone stopping on the square will fall through to the row below. All that is reported are the squares that players end up on.  The postal game thus becomes a game of deduction as well as a race.  The first player to end a turn on or beyond square 100.  Click here to read the postal rules.

Game Winner
Snakes and Ladders 3 Denis Arnold
Snakes and Ladders 2 Neil Walters
Snakes and Ladders 1 David Macfarlane

Postal Snakes and Ladders was devised by Alan Parr.

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