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6 nimmt! is a German card game that involves simultanous selection of a card from their hand by each player, followed by play of the cards in numeric order onto a grid. Cards are positioned according to specific rules and there is rarely any choice where a card goes.  Players pick up penalties if their card causes a row to exceed five cards. The aim of the game is to score as few penalties as possible.  The postal game consists of four hands of cards played at the same time to reduce the luck element.  Click here to read the postal rules.

Game Winner
6 nimmt! 16 Michael Graystone
6 nimmt! 15 Michael Graystone
6 nimmt! 14 Bob Coull
6 nimmt! 13 John Colledge
6 nimmt! 12 Michael Graystone
6 nimmt! 11 Colin Sharpe
6 nimmt! 10 Mick Haytack
6 nimmt! 9 Jim Reader
6 nimmt! 8 Michael Graystone
6 nimmt! 7 Colin Sharpe
6 nimmt! 6 Gery McLaughlin
6 nimmt! 5 Jim Reader
6 nimmt! 4 {Intimate} {Abandoned}
6 nimmt! 3 John Webley
6 nimmt! 2 Annie Shillabeer
6 nimmt! 1 John Webley

6 nimmt! was designed by Wolfgang Kramer and published by Amigo Games.

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