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The 18xx Rules Difference List exists as a reference to the differences in the rules of 18xx railway games and associated games. It is useful to people who are already familiar with at least one such game, and are learning to play another. This is version 3-368. It was last modified on November 15th 2020. The list is maintained by Keith Thomasson. Mail me if you have any comments or concerns about the list.

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Recent changes

November 15th 2020 Updates for 18NK based on Matthew Gilzinger's translation.
September 11th 2020 Minor fixes and amendments.
May 30th 2020 Added 1824 v2, 1862EA v2, 1876-30 v2, 1876-35 v2, 1883, 1899, 18AL, 18Chesapeake, 18IN, 18JP-T, 18Lilliput and 18NYC
Expanded entries for 1830NL, 1876 v2, 1876-30, 1876-35, 1899, 18AL, 18Lummerland and 18NL, which previously said 'only listed where it differs from 18..' - now fully listed
March 1st 2020 Renamed section 11.1 to 'Can the Director's certificate ever be in the bank pool'.
January 12th 2020 Corrections for 1830
June 27th 2019 Corrections for 1880 and 18OE
February 22nd 2019 Corrections for 1846
January 16th 2019 Added 1761
January 4th 2019 Added 1822CA
January 3rd 2019 Added 1822MRS (Medium Regional Scenario)
December 23rd 2018 Added 1817, 1822, 1822+, 1830 Cardgame, 1830 v2, 1830 v3, 1834, 1847AE, 1857, 1859, 1867, 1868, 1869 The Golden Spike, 1869 USA West, 1879, 1881, 1891, 18??, 18Africa, 18BL, 18CLE, 18GA v2, 18GB, 18GM, 18Hexx, 18Ireland, 18Kaas, 18NK, 18NW, 18OE, 18SA, 18SS, 18SY, 18USA and Railroad Barons
Various sundry corrections
August 23rd 2018 Corrections for 1831, 1837 and 1846
February 25th 2018 Added 18CZ
December 11th 2017 Corrected starting cash for 1835 with 5 players
June 21st 2016 Added 1893, 18Dixie, 18MS, 18NY and 18PA
February 22nd 2015 Amendments to 1812
December 4th 2014 Amendments to Steam Over Holland
March 14th 2014 Added 1858, 1873 and Rolling Stock
March 9th 2014 Amendment to 1812
February 16th 2014 Amendments to 1862EA, with thanks to Eric Brosius
January 7th 2014 Added 1812, 1862EA, 1865 Sardinia, 1880, 18Ruhr and Poseidon
January 3rd 2014 Updated 1835 in section 2.11 to match the original German rules (stock round ends when all players decline to make a purchase, priority goes to the left of the last player to make a purchase).
March 21st 2013 Updates for 1889, courtesy of Mike Shaver
December 3rd 2012 Updates for 1800, mainly for 3-player version
November 15th 2012 Changes to 5.3 (1860)
October 13th 2012 Changes to 2.10 (1844) and 7.3 (1824)
August 30th 2012 Added 1832 to section 13.1
February 2nd 2012 Added game end condition for 1854
January 30th 2011 18Ardennes and 18Neb added.

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Navigating through the list

The list is divided up into sections, each containing a number of items. These are usually presented as questions such as How much cash do players start with? Each section has its own contents list, and each item has a page with the answers for the games covered by the list. A list of all the items in the list can be found on the Contents page.

On each page, the Previous page Next page links allow you to move to the previous or next page without having to go back to the contents list.

Click here if you prefer to view the list as a single page.

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In compiling this list, it has been necessary to decide what it is that is to be documented: what the rules say, or what their author intended them to say. As we have more access to the printed rules than to their authors' minds (which may anyway have changed since writing the rules), the former has been chosen. Where the author's current view is known, this is also provided.

Text in [square brackets] is the opinion of Nick Wedd, and may be disregarded (he said so). Text in {braces} is the opinion of Keith Thomasson, as may also be disregarded (quite rightly).

This document was originally created by Nick Sauer, and modified by Nick Wedd. It is now managed by Keith Thomasson. It includes contributions by David Allsopp, Werner Baer, Craig Bartell, Dave Berry, Elliott Bonnett, Eric Brosius, Michael Brünker, Arthur Bullock, Martin Butcher, Chris Clarke, John Davidson, Freek Dijkstra, Bill Dixon, Daniel W. Farrow IV, Jonathan Ferro, John David Galt, Mark Geary, Jeff Goldsmith, David Grabiner, Aaron Haag, David Hecht, Andy Holt, Mike Hutton, Peter Jacobi, Robert Jasiek, Hunter Johnson, Matthias Klose, Roger Krueger, Chris Lawson, Tony Leal, Noel Leaver, Dmitry Leskov, Ryan Moats, Frank Muzzulini, Akiyoshi Nomura, Dylan O'Donnell, Lonny Orgler, Bill Parker, Bjorn Rabenstein, Stephen Rawlins, Justin Rebelo, Alex Rhomberg, Adam Romoth, Mikko Saari, Nick Sauer, Wayne Schmittberger, Ludwig Seitz, Chris Shaffer, Mike Shaver, David Smith, Robert Stimets, Steve Thomas, Keith Thomasson, Erik Vos, Nick Wedd, Rick Westerman, Ian D Wilson, Jeff Wilson, Paul Work, and Dafydd Wyn Evans.

These pages may be copied without restriction.

If you notice any errors or omissions, or have any suggestions or further information, please send them to Keith Thomasson at
Please do not send attachments with your messages - just plain text information.

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