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The revised edition of Acquire published in 1995 included a Special Powers variant.

On any given turn a player may play one (not several) of their Special Powers. Each player may use each Special Power once during the game.

The Special Powers are as follows:

Orange Ball 3 Free The three blocks of stock you take this turn are free.
Orange Ball Buy 5 You may purchase five blocks of stock this turn.
Orange Ball Trade 2 Trade two blocks of stock you own for one from the Stock Market. You may do this up to three times this turn. Both cards of a two block set must be from the same chain, but each two block set may be from a different chain. All blocks traded must be from active chains. In addition to the trades permitted by this Special Power, a player may also purchase three blocks of stock in the usual manner.
Orange Ball Take 5 Tiles Take five tiles at the beginning of this turn, bringing you up to eleven tiles in hand. Do not take another tile until below six at the end of a turn. The usual rules for exchanging permanently unplayable tiles apply.
Orange Ball Place 4 Tiles Place up to four tiles this turn. If a tile causes a merger, it is acted upon before the next tile is placed. Replace up to four tiles at the end of your turn, but not beyond a total of six tiles in hand.

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