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Source of the Nile is a game about the exploration of Africa, not just about finding the source of the Nile but about exploring the whole of southern Africa.  It is an open-ended game system, in that within the rules, you can do what you like.  Players send explorers to Africa on a series of expeditions with the aim of returning to Europe to publish their discoveries and earn points in the process.  If an explorer doesn't make it back to Europe, then the player sends another.  The winner is the first player to reach an agreed number of victory points, or who has the most points over an agreed period of time.  For the games in the magazine, the plan is to keep going while there is still some wilderness to explore.

This is being run as an 'all-reader' game, which means that anybody and any number can take part.  Players can run an explorer for a while, then drop out if they want to, and rejoin later.  The choice is theirs.

Game Winner
Source of the Nile 1 Rob Thomasson

Source of the Nile was designed by Ross W Maker and David A Wesely and published originally by Discovery Games and later by The Avalon Hill Game Company.

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