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Sopwith is a game of World War I aerial combat. Players engage each other in combat and try to out-think each other. When a plane's damage reaches a critical level it is shot down. Planes can also leave the game by flying off the board. The winner is the player who has the skies to themselves.  The postal rules are available here.

Sopwith game references are assigned from a central register maintained by the Sopwith Statistician.  I am the current statistician.  For more information on this, see the general Sopwith pages.

Game Winner
Sopwith T-353-FW Michael Graystone
Sopwith T-340-FW Michael Graystone
Sopwith T-279-FW Peter Berlin
Sopwith T-262-FW Stephen Webb
Sopwith T-250-FW Tony Dickinson
Jim Reader
Sopwith T-245-FW Tony Dickinson
Lee Paddon
Sopwith T-234-UB Gery McLaughlin
Lee Paddon
Sopwith T-229-UB Rob Cullender

Sopwith was designed by David Dyer and published by Gametime Games and The Gamer.

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