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Rail Baron is a game of railroad network building in North America. Players run thier train between randomly drawn destinations, receiving payouts for each arrival. They then get the opportunity to buy one of the 28 railroads in the game to add to their network, or to buy a better train. The first player to have more than $200,000 in cash and return to the city they started from is the winner.  Click here to read the postal rules.

Game Winner
Rail Baron 14 Roger Krueger
Rail Baron 13 Tony Bromley
Rail Baron 12 Lionel Robbins
Rail Baron 11 Jim Reader
Rail Baron 10 Mark Frueh
Rail Baron 9 Keith Loveys
Rail Baron 8 Keith Loveys
Rail Baron 7 Jim Reader
Rail Baron 6 George Foot
Rail Baron 5 Keith Oschman
Rail Baron 4 Neil Walters
Rail Baron 3 Neil Walters
Rail Baron 2 John Shelley
Rail Baron 1 Rob Thomasson

Rail Baron was designed by Thomas F Erickson Jr. and published by The Avalon Hill Game Company.

Red line

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