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Outpost is a resource management game. Each player in Outpost assumes the role of a colony commander on a distant planet that has just been opened up. Players collect resources represented by production cards, which can then be spent on new factories, additional man power (or robot power) and on colony upgrades. There are never as many of these in the game as there are players. The first player to accumulate 75 victory points wins the game.  Click here to read the postal rules.  You can also view a colony card summary, a factory summary, and a production card summary.

There is an Average Card variant, which is being played in game 7.  This reduces the luck factor by giving production cards in average values only.  To increase the flexibility for spending it, you actually get two 'half' cards of unequal value.  For example, an Ore Factory has an average production value of three, so you get one value '1' card and one value '2' card.

Game Winner
Outpost 29 Marcus Pratt
Outpost 28 Marcus Pratt
Outpost 27 Lyndon Gurr
Outpost 26 Lyndon Gurr
Outpost 25 David Smith
Outpost 24 Mark Stretch
Outpost 23 {Average} Mick Haytack
Outpost 22 David Smith
Outpost 21 Geoff Hardingham
Outpost 20 Marcus Pratt
Outpost 19 David Smith
Outpost 18 Martin Butcher
Outpost 17 Peter Hawkins
Outpost 16 Marcus Pratt
Outpost 15 David Smith
Outpost 14 David Smith
Outpost 13 Philip Honeybone
Outpost 12 David Smith
Outpost 11 Keith Loveys
Outpost 10 Marcus Pratt
Outpost 9 David Smith
Outpost 8 Steve Thomas
Outpost 7 {Average} Paul Oakes
Outpost 6 George Foot
Outpost 5 Marcus Pratt
Outpost 4 Peter Hawkins
Outpost 3 Marcus Pratt
Outpost 2 Paul Oakes
Outpost 1 Neil Walters

Outpost was designed by James Hlavaty and published by TimJim Games.

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