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McMulti is a game about the oil business, from drilling for crude oil right through to selling petrol at your own pumps.  With initial funds of $200 million, you must buy drilling rigs, refineries and petrol stations and turn that investment into a cash balance of $1,000 million.  Click here to read the postal rules.

Game Winner
McMulti 9 Mark Stretch
McMulti 8 Martin Butcher
McMulti 7 Mike Hutton
McMulti 6 Marcus Pratt
McMulti 5 Mike Hutton
McMulti 4 Willem Moene
McMulti 3 Mike Hutton
McMulti 2 Peter Hawkins
McMulti 1 Paul Oakes

McMulti was published by Hexagames and was originally published by St.Laurent Games under the title Crude.

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