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Jotto is a game of logic and deduction. I choose six six-letter words, and you have to work out what they are. You do this by giving me a single six-letter word of your choice. I won't reveal the word you gave me, but will report how many letters in your word appear in each of my words, and then the next month you choose another word to be compared against my set, and so on.

Any letter appearing twice in one of my words and once in yours, or vice versa, will count as one match. If a letter appears twice in both words, it will count as two matches.

Proper names are not allowed, unless they happen to match another word that is not a proper name. The winner is the first player to deduce all six words.

Game Winner
Jotto1 Michael Graystone

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Mail me Keith Thomasson November 15th 2003