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Initial Numbers is a game that any number of players can enter.  In each of ten rounds, ten problems are set where a number is followed by some letters. The players have to provide a word for each letter to make a phrase that relates to the given number. For example, 3 C in the F translates into 3 Coins in the Fountain. The winner is the player who gets the most right.

Winner Tony Reeves
Runners-up Mike Brian
Michael Graystone
Mick Haytack
Colin Sharpe
Other players Iain Adams
Denis Arnold
Ryk Downes
George Foot
Peter Hawkins
Keith Loveys
Gery McLaughlin
Paul Oakes
Jim Reader
Tony Robbins
John Shelley
Don Smith
Mark Stretch
Steve Thomas
John Webley
Howard Wilcox
Number of players 21
Started in Issue 33
Finished in Issue 43

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Mail me Keith Thomasson March 31st 2002