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Dungeonquest is a fantasy board game in which you play a hero braving the terrors on Dragonfire Castle. Your task is to enter the dungeons beneath Dragonfire Castle, find your way to the Treasure Chambher in the middle, and escape with more treasure than your opponents in order to win. You must escape before the sun goes down, for after dark, the inhabitants of the castle become stronger, and no mortal could possibly survive. You don't actually need to reach the Treasure Chamber, but that's where the best treasure is to be found.

Game Winner
Dungeonquest 4 The Dungeon!
Dungeonquest 3 Martin Butcher
Dungeonquest 2 Jim Reader
Dungeonquest 1 The Dungeon!

Dungeonquest was designed by Dan Glimme and Jakob Bonds and published by Games Workshop. The original edition was published by Brio under the name Drakborgen.

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