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Diplomacy is a game of skill and cunning negotiations.  Chance plays no part.   In Diplomacy, each player guides the destinies of one European power through the intricacies of international politics.  By negotiating alliances with other players and careful planning, each player seeks control of Europe.  The game is won as soon as one player controls 18 of the 34 supply centres.  Click here to read the postal rules.

UK Diplomacy game numbers are assigned from a central register maintained by John Marsden.

Game Winner
Diplomacy 3 - 2002BH Colin Bruce
Diplomacy 2 - Gunboat Mick Haytack
Philip Honeybone
Allan Stagg
Diplomacy 1 - 99BR Mark Stretch

Diplomacy has been published by Philmar, Gibson Games and The Avalon Hill Game Company.

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