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Battle! takes place in an arena laid out on a hex grid where players battle to be the last team standing up. There are two standard arenas, for six or twelve players. Power points are gained from bases and spent to research attributes such as Move and Attack, which are then assigned to the units in the game. Once the units are given attributes, they become the means by which players gain control of power hexes and compete with the other players for supremacy on the battlefield.

The order in which attributes are research can vary from game to game. These can include M {Move), A {Attack}, E {Elite}, C {Conversion}, S {Storage}, B {Building}, D {Defence}, R {Range}, P {Power}, H {Hover}, X {Explosives}, and others.

Game Winner
Battle! 5 Marcus Pratt
Battle! 4 Marcus Pratt
Battle! 3 Marcus Pratt
Battle! 2 Peter Hawkins
Battle! 1 Allan Stagg

Battle! was devised by Richard Ashley.

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