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Acquire is an abstract game that involves the play of tiles on a grid to create hotel chains. Players buy stock in these hotel chains and may be paid dividends when one hotel chain absorbs another.  The aim is to have the highest value in cash and stocks when the game ends. The game can only end when all hotel chains are safe (11 tiles or larger) or any one chain exceeds 40 tiles in size, but will only end if a player declares the game over.  Click here to read the postal rules.  You can also view the information card, which shows the chain values and majority bonuses.

A new version of the game was released in 1995 which included a Special Powers variant, used in some of these games.

Game Winner
Acquire 59 Lyndon Gurr
Acquire 58 Michael Graystone
Acquire 57 {Powers} Michael Graystone
Acquire 56 Michael Graystone
Acquire 55 Bob Coull
Acquire 54 Tony Wilcock
Acquire 53 {Powers} Michael Graystone
Acquire 52 Michael Graystone
Acquire 51 Colin Sharpe
Acquire 50 Michael Graystone
Acquire 49 Kevin Lee
Acquire 48 {Powers} Colin Sharpe
Acquire 47 Michael Graystone
Acquire 46 Lyndon Gurr
Acquire 45 John Colledge
Acquire 44 {Powers} Colin Sharpe
Acquire 43 Lionel Robbins
Acquire 42 Willem Moene
Acquire 41 Michael Graystone
Acquire 40 {Powers} John Colledge
Acquire 39 Michael Graystone
Acquire 38 Lyndon Gurr
Acquire 37 {Powers} Colin Sharpe
Acquire 36 Colin Sharpe
Acquire 35 Lyndon Gurr
Acquire 34 Michael Graystone
Acquire 33 Bob Coull
Acquire 32 John Webley
Acquire 31 {Powers} Keith Loveys
Acquire 30 John Colledge
Acquire 29 Lyndon Gurr
Acquire 28 {Powers} Michael Graystone
Acquire 27 Willem Moene
Acquire 26 Bob Coull
Acquire 25 Steve Jones
Acquire 24 Mick Haytack
Acquire 23 John Marsden
Acquire 22 {Powers} Mick Haytack
Acquire 21 Philip Honeybone
Acquire 20 {Powers} Keith Loveys
Acquire 19 Willem Moene
Acquire 18 Michael Graystone
Acquire 17 John Colledge
Acquire 16 Michael Graystone
Acquire 15 Ryk Downes
Acquire 14 {Powers} Paul Oakes
Acquire 13 Simon Brooks
Acquire 12 Simon Brooks
Acquire 11 Iain Adams
Acquire 10 Paul Oakes
Acquire 9 {Powers} Martin Butcher
Acquire 8 {Powers} Gery McLaughlin
Acquire 7 Iain Adams
Acquire 6 John Webley
Acquire 5 Paul Oakes
Acquire 4 {Powers} Michael Graystone
Acquire 3 John Webley
Acquire 2 George Foot
Acquire 1 John Webley

Acquire was designed by Sid Sackson and published by The Avalon Hill Game Company.

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