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TringCon XXIII
October 1st 2011

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TringCon XXIII - October 2011

Our second event of 2011 saw 73 people for TringCon, which matches our previous record set in March 2010. Valerie worked hard on the catering once again, with help from friends Denise and Carol.

The Iain Rennie Hospice at Home donation for the day was 175, a welcome increase from last time.

Here is what made it out onto the tables during the day. Some of these got more than one outing, while some didn't actually make it to the end.

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Photo Gallery

Due to an over-eager trigger finger I have no photos of the day! I know there are some out there, though, so this may fill up when those find me.

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Mail me Keith Thomasson October 2nd 2011