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TringCon XXII
April 2nd 2011

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TringCon XXII - April 2011

Our first event of 2011 saw 63 people for TringCon, slightly down due to some cancellations for ill health and some no-shows. Linda was unable to help Valerie with the catering, but our neighbours, Bill and Carole, stepped into the breach and did us proud. Thanks are always due to those who helped with the clearing up, particularly the onerous task of putting the chairs and tables away.

There's always something new in the hall, and this time it was a new cooker. They kindly provided instructions on using the ovens, but the first line said 'The oven will not work until the clock has been set'. What a shame they forgot to leave details on how to set the clock! We got it going after a while, although we're not sure how to repeat the process.

The Iain Rennie Hospice at Home donation for the day was 50, somewhat reduced from our usual level by the additional expenses for the future of the event, which included new cups, a tea urn of our own and two eight-foot tables that were suitable for the 18C2C group. Part of the donation total came from some games sold by Howard Bishop, who donated the full amount to the charity.

Here is what was played during the day. Some of these got more than one outing, with the top game of the day probably being 7 Wonders, which had three games running concurrently at one point. Mind you, Mansions of Madness stayed out on one table all day, with a number of separate scenarios being played.

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Photo Gallery

TringCon April 2011 - Endeavor

TringCon April 2011 - History of the World

TringCon April 2011 - 18C2C 'D' Variant

TringCon April 2011 - Troyes

TringCon April 2011 - Saint Petersburg

TringCon April 2011 - Seismic

TringCon April 2011 - Revolution!

TringCon April 2011 - 7 Wonders

TringCon April 2011 - Tikal II: The Lost Temple

TringCon April 2011 - 18C2C 'D' Variant - some time later

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