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TringCon XIX
October 3rd 2009

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TringCon XIX - October 2009

We had another great day, with 67 people playing games for most of the day. Valerie roped in her friend Linda to help with the catering, which was well received.

I managed to damage my elbow ten days before the event, so was particularly grateful to my neighbour Ed for helping me set out the hall on the Friday night, and to those who helped me pack away the shop and the hall on the Saturday. The timing was just right - I got the help when I needed it, and two days later was able to come out of the sling and almost go back to normal life - as long as I don't have to lift anything heavy!

The most eventful thing during the day was the collapse of a table during a game of Dust. It just had to be a game with zillions of components! We didn't find any more pieces at the end of the day, so it looks like you did a good job picking everything up after the Dust had settled.

The Iain Rennie Hospice at Home donation for the day was 220.

The following games were played, some more than once. There were doubtless many more played that I ddin't get to see or record.

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Photo Gallery

TringCon October 2009 - Stone Age

TringCon October 2009 - Batavia

TringCon October 2009 - Metropolys

TringCon October 2009 - Jackson Pope teaching Sumeria

TringCon October 2009 - Mare Nostrum

TringCon October 2009 - Thurn & Taxis

TringCon October 2009 - Dust

TringCon October 2009 - On the Underground

TringCon October 2009 - Cartagena

TringCon October 2009 - Evo

TringCon October 2009 - Are you having fun yet?

TringCon October 2009 - Stone Age

TringCon October 2009 - Railroad Tycoon

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