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The Subzine Poll has been running for a number of years. A subzine is a section of a full zine that is edited by someone other than the main zine's editor.

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Everyone who sees one or more eligible subzines is invited to vote. To be eligible, a subzine must:

  1. Appear regularly in a zine edited by a person other than the subzine editor
  2. Have produced at least three issues during the year, though it may now have folded

The zine in which it appears must:

  1. Be amateur
  2. Run at least one postal game (either in the main zine or in a subzine)
  3. Be published from within the British Isles

If a subzine becomes a zine (or vice versa), it is not excluded from the Poll as long as it has produced at least one issue as a subzine (and at least three issues in total) during the year. Guest columnists and outside GMs muddy the waters a little, but generally speaking, if it appears regularly and has a title, that's good enough.  If in doubt about eligibility, vote anyway and explain your reasoning so that the poll organiser can make a final decision.

You may submit your votes via a third party and may vote for a subzine that you edit.

Give every subzine that you see a vote of between 100 (high) and 1 (low). Fractions are not allowed. The votes for each subzine will be added up and divided by one more than the number of voters who voted for that subzine. The winner is the subzine with the highest score.

Any subzines that do not receive votes from at least three people will be excluded from the final rankings.

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