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When you have become acquainted with the action cards, you may want to add additional challenges to the game. The master version does just that, adding the following rules to the basic game.

Initial placement of castles

Instead of placing the starting castles on the spaces shown on the board, the players choose the starting positions. Each player places one tower block in turn until all eight starting castles have been placed. Each new castle must have at least two empty spaces between it and any other castle. This distance is measured by moving orthogonally, not diagonally.

Possible arrangement of eight castles This example shows a possible arrangement of 8 starting castles.
Limitation on placing castles This example demonstrates the limitation on placing castles. No new castles may be placed in the Cross squares as they would be too close to the existing castle.

Action cards

Each player begins the game with a full set of action cards in their hand. Purchasing an action card is no longer a possible action.

Master cards

One of the eight master cards is drawn at the start of the game to provide an additional scoring opportunity for the players.

Turn order

After the first round, the starting player is the player with the most points. If players are still tied at the starting space, turn order is unchanged. Thus, when a player uses APs to move his scoring marker, he may change his turn order. Play is always clockwise around the table.

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