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This is an unofficial expansion for Euphrat & Tigris by Wolfgang and Brigitte Ditt. This introduces a fifth sphere of civilization to the game. The following additional components are required.

Any colour may be used as long as it can be clearly identified. I use brown as it complements the graphics I have prepared for the games on the site. The original rules proposed yellow, but this disappears into the background of my boards too easily.

Positioning an Architect and placing an Artist tile as done according to the original rules of Euphrat & Tigris. Neither may be placed on river spaces. Distribution of victory points is as per the original rules, with suitable victory point markers being awarded for Architects and Artists.

Artists have an advantage in building monuments. If a civilization tile is placed so that a square of four tiles contains Artists and one other colour, the monument for these two colours may be built if not already in use. The number of tiles of each colour in the square is irrelevant.

Example One Temple Artist With this arrangement, the player may turn the tiles face down and place the red Artist monument.
Temple Artist
Spacing graphic
Example Two Farm Farm When the central Artist is placed, the player may build the blue Artist monument in the north east corner or the red Artist monument in the south east corner.

No monument can be built in the south west corner because there are three colours in that area.

Artist Artist Artist
Market Temple Artist

If the square consists of four Artists the player is allowed to build any unused Artist monument.

The original notes mentioned that this expansion was especially for two players. As it is easier to build monuments with these rules, you are less likely to be able to build independently and ignore the other player's progress.

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