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This is the web-based companion to the paper magazine For Whom The Die Rolls.  You can play from the selection of games below. To find out what this is all about, visit the Introduction. To see what is available, check out the Waiting Lists and then Join a Game. Links to other pages are in the Support Services section.

Blank diamond Latest finishers - Acquire e1077 | Puerto Rico e1066 | 1860 e1058 Blank diamond
Games in Progress
18xx Games 18xx e1048 | e1055 | e1060 | e1064 | e1065
e1068 | e1073 | e1074 | e1080 | e1082
e1083 | e1086 | e1087
Puerto Rico Games Puerto Rico e1076
Acquire Games Acquire e1084 | e1085 Ra Games Ra -
Carcassonne Games Carcassonne e1081 Railroad Dice Games Railroad Dice -
Durch die Wüste Games Durch die Wüste - Saint Petersburg Games Saint Petersburg -
Euphrat & Tigris Games Euphrat & Tigris - Samurai Games Samurai -
Ingenious Games Ingenious - Sopwith Games Sopwith -
Princes of Florence Games Princes of Florence e1079 Torres Games Torres -
On hold... Games marked with this symbol are on hold On hold...

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