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The Australian Railways Game Assistant is a Visual Basic 3 program for Windows. Visual Basic 3 was chosen as this was used for the previous assistants, and made the creation of this one much simpler.  The program is intended to assist with running postal games. It does not run the game for you but performs the following two tasks.

Specifying the number of players and clicking the Set Up button will print the information you need to set up a new game, and also list the railway links in their dealing order for the entire game.
During a game, you need to draw additional commodities to match the growth cards that are dealt. This cannot be done during the set up period, as the pool of commodities changes during the game. You can specify the number of commodities of each type on the board or left to draw and then click the Deal Chips button to draw a number of commodities to match the number of players in the game. This list of commodities is displayed on the screen.

The program requires Windows, and will work on most, if not all, versions from 3.1 on. You will require a copy of the file vbrun300.dll in your Windows system directory. This is a standard file for VB 3.0 that you may already have. If you have this file, there is no need to download it again.

Click on the links below to download the files you need. Save the Australian Railways Game Assistant program (a_rails.exe) in a location of your choice. If you need to download the Visual Basic file, note that it has been compressed to reduce the download time. You will need a suitable program to unzip the file, e.g. WinZip. The unzipped file must be located in your Windows system directory.

File Name and Size
Australian Railways Game Assistant a_rails.exe - 28k (unzipped)
VB 3.0 Runtime Library vbrun300.dll - 225k (zipped)

I can accept no responsibility for damage to your system or loss of data resulting from the use of this program. However, as it is a self-contained program that only sends data to the printer and the screen, it is extremely unlikely that any such problems will arise through its use. You take full responsibility for the use of programs on your computer system.

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